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A beauty bio company created through innovation and challenge


Mission, Vision, Core Value 2023



We desire satisfaction management to live out customer satisfaction through staff satisfaction and
further contribute to social contribution.

Biobijou with
satisfaction management

01satisfaction management

The satisfaction for our staff is the key driving
force for the sustainability of Biobijou.

02Customer satisfaction

We will be content but not complacent
with status quo, by challenging ourselves
to live out customer satisfaction

03Social satisfaction

Biobijou desires corporate identity with
“a better tomorrow” by practicing
social satisfaction.

vision 이미지


A leading company of pharmaceutical-aesthetic
platform represents Korea

Core Value 2023

core value 1번 아이콘
The Ownership Spirit

We work as the owner of Biobijou.

core value 2번 아이콘
The Challenger Spirit

We keep challenging on new things,
against being complacent with status quo.

core value 3번 아이콘
The Specialist Spirit

We have the capacity with high professional
and practical competencies to be
the best in our field of work.