A beauty bio company created through innovation and challenge

Global Network

BIOBIJOU organized the global network and presence for globalization.
Furthermore, we take the lead in pioneering of K-beaty with implement of various strategies and partnerships locally.

Korea Branch

  • Chungdam Global

    #2401-2402, Songdo Centroad Office B-Wing, 323, Incheon tower-daero, Yeonsu-Gu, Incheon, Republic of Korea
  • SJ Express

    162 (Hangdong 7th Street) on 118th Street, Chukhang-ro, Jung-Gu, Incheon

China Branch

  • Beijing Branch

    Exclusive distribution of domestic brands like Wonjin and the others

  • Hangzhou Branch

    Branding and operating our own
    online store at JingDong, T Mall

  • Shenzhen Branch

    Wholesales and retail of products in circulation, Support for Hong Kong branch

  • Hong Kong Office

    Delivery and operation of major platforms
    (as Primary vendor)